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Tigran Khachatryan
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DVD video, 5 minutes 35 seconds
original poster, 50x75cm, 2010

…tienne-Jules Marey's moving images done through the cameragun have the great infusion of the technical progress and the human liberation. I've tried to show the non-totalitarian site of the futurism: the human’s naked body, simple actions, made in the non-specific environment. In the video "ENTARTETE" I've used fragments from the works of Armenian futurist poets. Some of these poets became victims of the totalitarian regime, others – stopped their creative activity (practice), falling into oblivion. However, until now the futurism is exciting me with its revolutionary character, which appearing with the simple rhythms and the speed that is opposed to the frozen totalitarian art.
In the post soviet Armenian society the tradition of futurism continues to be perceived unambiguously.
The title of my film "ENTARTETE" I took from the 1937th famous exhibition, and through my body – far from being ideal, I've tried to express that the progress and the revolutionary have the ethic, but not the esthetic norms.