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Anouche Opera "Anoush" opera. Musical and theatrical creation in Armenian. Based on the opera of Armen Tigranian. On the poem of Hovhannes Toumanian.
Co-production Delta Culture / Theatre Nanterre Amandiers.
Creation in the Gabriel Sundukyan National Academic Theatre in Yerevan on April 26, 2013 and in the Theatre Nanterre Amandiers on May 22, 2013.

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Karen mirzoyan "My Roads" photographic exhibition, organised by the Permanent Representation of Armenia to the Council of Europe in collaboration with “Delta Culture” Association.
(20 June - 4 July 2011, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France).

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Ada Kaghramanian Preparation of the performance based on the play "And the heart will live... and speak" of the Armenian writer Ada Kaghramanian in collaboration with the association Apollonia in Strasbourg.

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Colors of Armenia Participation in the organisation of the exhibition of art works by 7 Armenian artists, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the AGBU-Marseilles
(Yerevan, May 2010; Marseille, June 2010).

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YSUAC Collaboration with the Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction (YSUAC) leading to signing of the cooperation agreement and exchange programme between the University and the School of Architecture in Strasbourg (ENSAS) (Strasbourg, November 2009).

Time Report Participation of the Armenian jazz group Time Report at the Festival Musique en Eté (Geneva, July 2008).

YSUAC Collaboration with the Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction in preparing the Second International Scientific and Technical Conference entitled "Architecture and Construction - Current Problems" in Yerevan and Jermuk, Armenia.

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Next Projects implemented by the members of the Delta Culture Association prior to its creation.

Landscapes “Landscapes of symbols, landscapes of built environment, landscapes of dreams” – exhibition of architecture and contemporary art of Armenia at the EWZ Unterwerk Selnau (Zurich, October 2007).

Manuscripts “Illuminations d’Arménie” – exhibition of Armenian manuscripts at the Martin Bodmer Foundation (Geneva, September – December 2007).

Time Report A series of jazz concerts of the Armenian jazz group Time Report at New Morning in Paris, Salle Moliere in Lyon and Au Chat Noir in Geneva (October 2006).

Christophor Tadevossian Exhibition of works by the Armenian painter Christophor Tadevossian at the United Nations Office at Geneva (Geneva, May 2006).

Latana Schachenmann “Armenia… through the lens and into the heart” - exhibition of photographs by Swiss artist Latana Schachenmann at the United Nations Office at Geneva (Geneva, March 2006).

Lyon Participation in the organisation of the exhibition of art works by the Armenian artists in the Galerie Saint-Hubert (Lyon, October 2006).

At the Crossroad of Civilisations “At the Crossroad of Civilisations…” - exhibition of the art works by Armenian artists; a series of jazz concerts of the Armenian jazz group Time Report; conference on the history of the Armenian art (Geneva, Lausanne and Fribourg, March 2005).

Basel Assistance to organisation of the Armenian cultural days in Basel organised by “Culturescapes” promoting agents (Basel, November 2005).

Cultural Exchanges Swiss-Armenian Cultural Exchanges - a series of concerts; exhibition-retrospective of the renown filmmaker Sergey Parajanov (Yerevan (Armenia), September 2003; Geneva, Bern, February-March 2004).

Cultural Exchanges Organisation of the classical concert with the participation of Armenian and Swiss musicians at the United Nations Office at Geneva (Geneva, April 2003).

Ada Kaghramanian Organisation and management of publishing of the literary works written by Armenian contemporary writer Ada Kaghramanian (Yerevan, October-December 2002).

"Anoush" opera
Mise en scene, libretto adaptation and filmed images by Serge Avedikian.
Musical direction by Vahan Mardirossian.
Choreography, decor and costumes by Nicolas Musin.
Reorchestration and arrangement by Anahit Simonian.
Light by Jean-Marc Skatchko.

The story of «Anoush»
In the mountainous village of Lori Saro, the shepherd is in love with Anoush. He calls her incessantly asking to meet. The mother of Anoush though forbids her to do that. During the celebrations of Ascension Day the village people try to convince Saro to pit his strength against Mossy, the brother of Anoush, in the traditional wrestling match, the principal rule of which says that there should be no winner. But Mossy refuses to play part in this game. During the customary holiday practice of fortune telling Anoush is saddened by grave premonitions. The village girls confirm the curse by predicting violent death for Saro.
Later, in the midst of the village wedding, Saro and Mossy agree to entertain the guests with a wrestling match. Caught in the excitement of the match and feeling Anoush’s admiration for his prowess, Saro forgets the traditional rule of the game and against all expectations defeats Mossy. Mossy feels himself publicly humiliated and vows revenge.
Some months later Saro persuades Anoush to run away with him, so the two hide in the mountains. Mossy begins a quest for finding Saro. Meanwhile Anoush comes back home seeking reconciliation, but Mossy refuses. Eventually he finds Saro and shoots him dead.
When learning about the death of Saro, Anoush feels abandoned by all, wanders off into the nature and goes mad with grief. She throws herself into the river, thinking that she would find her beloved Saro in the skies that reflect in the water.

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