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Gagik Ghazanchyan
gagik_ghazanchyanCan one always talk about abstraction and representation at the same time. It wouldseem that Gagik Ghazanchyan does that, by highlighting the transitory statusof the image.
Alternation in the same painting, effects of distortion, jamming and passages,to be more precise, account for the act of looking and seeing.
The painter remains attached to the specific problems of painting, he deniespictorial flatness by suggesting an illusory space. There is not the search forthe new, but for the vital, the inspired. In spite of the uncontested consensusthat the kind of painting practised by the painter expresses the personal feelingsof the artist and reflects his emotional relation to the world, it nonethelessremains that in this work one takes account of the intrinsic quality of the painter,his technique must thus be examined as elements of a style and not only likethe involuntary traces of emotion.
But fortunately the art of Gagik does not purge the art of any sign of life,it is not limited exclusively to the data of visual experience and refers toother categories of experience. Fragments of city, or figures of powerful animals,multiple points of view, the images of the artist seem obviously to stem froma bubbling and explosive individual energy.
To look at a canvas of this artist, is equivalent to engaging in an adventure,it is an art of permanent change. Nothing is fixed, all runs and links up, justsome solid features, lines of support or defined contours of architecture. Oneenters a world of images or reality which opens like a dream. Space is a kindof experimental field which makes it possible for the viewer continuously torevise mechanical perceptions and diagrams of ready made thought, reality losesits uniform character.
One feels perfectly in the painting of Gagik Ghazanchyan, notorious discontinuitieswhich characterize the being, a secret symbolism, an unquestionable humour whichmasks a touch of cynicism, irony and sometimes even of tragedy.

Alain Navarra-Navassartian

Born in 1960 in Yerevan, Armenia
Lives and works in Yerevan, Armenia

1975 - 1979 Terlemezian Fine Arts College, Yerevan, Armenia
1984 - 1990 Fine Arts and Drama Institute, Yerevan, Armenia
1992 - Member of Artist's Union, Yerevan, Armenia

Personal Exhibitions
2009 - Gallerie Martin, Sissach, Switzerland
2005 - Gallerie Martin, Sissach, Switzerland
2005 - Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, USA
2000 - Artists' Museum, Washington, DC (sponsored by Phillip Morris International)

Group Exhibitions
2009 - "Settimana Della Cultura" Avellino, Italy
2008 - "Generation Freedom: Armenia's New Vanguard", Armenia Fund USA, New York
2007 - "Colors of Armenia", Castel Sant Angelo, Roma, Italy
2007 - "Armenian Landscapes in Contemporary Art", EWZ Kultur und Eventhaus, Zurich, Switzerland
2007 - "Art contemporarin d'Armenie" Orangeries Du Luxembourg, Paris, France
2007 - 9 contemporary Artists from Armenia, AJBU Pasadena, CA. USA
2007 - "Colors of Armenia", AGBU, Damascus, Syria
2007 - "Colors of Armenia", G. Gulbenkian, Aleppo, Syria
2006 - "Meeting", the group exhibition of German, Georgian and Armenian artist, The National Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
2006 - "Colors of Armenia", Institute of Foreign Relations, Economic and Right, St. Petersburg, Russia
2006 - National Culture Center of Kuwait, Abdalla Al-Salem Hall
2005 - The Second International Art Expo "Art Caucasus", Tbilisi, Georgia
2004 - The First International Art Expo "Art Caucasus", Tbilisi, Georgia
2002 - Creative Partners Gallery, Washington, USA
2002 - Pasino Casino d'Aix, Gallery, Ax-en Provence, France
2001 - Beyond Icons, National Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
2001 - Chapelle Saint Sulpice a Istres, France
2001 - Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Iran
2000 - Claudine Hohl, Zurich, Switzerland
1999 - Martin, Sissach, Switzerland
1998 - Scepark Thun, Sissach, Switzerland
1998 - Kulturhaus Synagogue, Schluchtern, Germany
1997 - Charlie Khachaturian, Yerevan, Armenia
1997 - Cultural Foundation, Abu-Dhabi, U.A.E.
1997 - HS Art Gallery, Tenniken, Switzerland
1996 - Kristian Zais Hall, Wiesbaden, Germany
1995 - Kreishaus Gallery, Berghaim, Germany
1994 - Ex-Voto Survery-94, Yerevan, Armenia
1993 - Armenian Artists in Italy, Spoleto, Jessi, Ankora, Italy
1993 - "Beyond Idiom", Contemporary Crossover in Armenia, American University
1993 - Stade Museum, Stade, Germany
1993 - Bilderveit, Berlin, Germany
1993 - Goethe Institute, Frankfurt, Germany
1993 - UNESCO, Paris, France
1992 - Cultural Foundation, Abu-Dhabi, U.A.E.
1991 - "Arts et Letters De France Gallery, Paris, France
1991 - Grande Exposition D'Art, Nice, France
1991 - Kreishaus Gallery, Hofheim, Germany
1989 - Armenian Cultural Center, Moscow, Russia

2007 - Art contemporain d'Armenie. Paris, France
2007 - 5 Artistes Armeniens. Marseille, France
2007 - Armenian Landscapes in Contemporary Art, Zurich
2006 - Caroline Tufenkian presents Arthur Sarkissian
2006 - Henrik Igityan Armenian palette new generation
2005 - Galleria D'Arte Renessans Rinascimento
2003 - Hidden Gallery Artbridge
2001 - Vicki Hovanessian Contemporary Art presents Arthur Sarkissian
1995 - Armenian Contemporary Art in 80-95. Moscow, Russia
1994 - Armenian Contemporary Art. International Armenian Assemble. Moscow, Russia
1992 - Armenian Contemporary Artists. Kassel, Germany
1990 - USSR Art in Recent 50 years. Madrid, Spain

Public Collections
- Modern Art Museum Yerevan, Armenia
- Khrimyan Museum Echmiadzin, Armenia
- Myriad Private Collections Throughout the World