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Arthur Sarkissian
arthur_sarkissianHybrid works like those of this painter which associate the practice of painting withthat of the transfer. The paintings of the artist challenge the viewer like truevisual rebuses, fitting as much in the Dada assemblage as in the wake of Rauschenbergor Schwitters.
Arthur Sarkissian seems to tackle the absolute aims of art by integrating imagesdrawn from magazines, photographs, and non-artistic materials. Present, past,press images or reproductions of Western chefs d'œuvre, drawing and paintingsare integrated in his works, which wish to introduce totality into the moment.
The artist thus takes the whole world as the motif of his works, claiming forhimself a total art, which registers time in plastic work. One could apply theformula of Leo Steinberg to him: "what he invented over everything is apictorial surface which again gives its place in the world."
Thus the idea which wants a work of art to have only one meaning, is blockedhere. No preliminary entry into the subject of the painting, no starting pointto dam up imagination. Arthur Sarkissian, repeats it himself, his work is shown,first of all, to be seen, it is work to be traversed, piece by piece withoutone meaning prevailing over another. Thus the work is a means of individualism,there is no imaginary community but rather an exchange of meanings. But it isfinally each viewer who will change the semantics of the painting.
And how not to underline, once again, the absence of any limpidity of any painting,as Gassiot-Talabot did: "the aim set by the artist is not to reach out toan explicit language, but to open to the viewer a secret world where each imagereturns to a mental double... "
The change which Armenian art is going through, highlights that art always reveals "secretworlds", but does not give us any more to see, a first truth, and if thereis no longer a way of describing reality, it is that reality itself is secretivein this changing society.
For Arthur Sarkissian the "gratuitousness” of art seems to be essentialand remains a means of maintaining in suspension the questions which man poseson his destiny and his condition.

Alain Navarra-Navassartian

Born in 1960 in Armenia
Lives and works in Yerevan, Armenia

1989 Armenian Pedagogical University. Drawing.

Personal Exhibitions
2010 - "Between The Images 2" 1927 Gallery. Los Angeles, California
2009 - "Between The Images" One Gallery. Yerevan, Armenia
2008 - Modern Art Museum of Armenia
2006 - First Floor Gallery. Yerevan, Armenia
2003 - "Mind Games". First Floor Gallery. Yerevan, Armenia
1994 - Bossen Cultural Center. Saarbrucken. Germany
1998 - JNR Gallery. Yerevan, Armenia

Group Exhibitions
2009 - "The Way It Is" group exhibition in ACCEA
2009 - "Transitional Hypotheses" group exhibiton of Armenian-Japanese artists, ACCEA
2008 - Undercurrent Shifts . Curated by Sonia Balassanian & David Kareyan
2007 - "Armenian Contemporary Art" Paris, France
2007 - "5 Armenian Artists", Marcel, France
2007 - "Armenian Landscapes in Contemporary Art", Schweizerland
2006 - "Armenian Style" Akanat Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
2006 - "Art Without Borders" Havana Gallery, Oldenburg, Germany
2005 - Marie Pargas Art Gallery, USA
2005 - The Collection Of Viken Makhyan, AGBU Pasadena Center, USA
2005 - "Oil On Canvas" Academy gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
2005 - "Photo Plus" ACCEA , Yerevan, Armenia
2004 - "The Dynamics Of Abstract Art In Armenia" Akanat gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
2004 - "Ackademy gallery" Festival of gallery's, Yerevan
2002 - 2003- William J. Bachman Gallery Beyond Icons Contemporary art in Armenia
2001 - National Gallery of Armenia Exhibition devoted to the 1700 anniversary of Christianity in Armenia
1999 - "Windows to Armenia" Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago, Illinois, US
1999 - "With Many Voices", Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago, Illinois, US
1998 - "Inscription: Post-Factum", ACCEA, Yerevan, Armenia
1997 - "Dreams & Visions", Westin Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, USA
1996 - "Armenian Money Mark", TAAK Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
1995 - "Contemporary Art of Armenia ...80-95" Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia
1992 - "Armenian Post-Modernism", Moscow, Russia
1992 - " Contemporary Armenian Artists", Gallery Vision, Kassel, Germany
1991 - "Contemporary Art From Armenia", London, UK
1991 - "New Academy Gallery", London, UK
1991 - "New Tendencies in Art", Goyak Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
1989 - "Art of the USSR: The Past 50 Years", Madrid, Spain Catalogues

2007 - Art contemporain d'Armenie. Paris, France
2007 - 5 Artistes Armeniens. Marseille, France
2007 - Armenian Landscapes in Contemporary Art, Zurich
2006 - Caroline Tufenkian presents Arthur Sarkissian
2006 - Henrik Igityan Armenian palette new generation
2005 - Galleria D'Arte Renessans Rinascimento
2003 - Hidden Gallery Artbridge
2001 - Vicki Hovanessian Contemporary Art presents Arthur Sarkissian
1995 - Armenian Contemporary Art in 80-95. Moscow, Russia
1994 - Armenian Contemporary Art. International Armenian Assemble. Moscow, Russia
1992 - Armenian Contemporary Artists. Kassel, Germany
1990 - USSR Art in Recent 50 years. Madrid, Spain

Public Collections
- Modern Art Museum of Armenia
- Cultural Fund of USSR and the Republic of Armenia Ministry of Culture
- Collection of The Civilitas Foundation
- Various private collections in Armenia, USA, German, France, Holland, Russia, Switzerland, Italy, etc.